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3D Game Design 101 (with Unity Engine)

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  • Language Turkish
  • Classroom Count 2-6
  • Student Age 12-17
  • Course Type Multi-Day
  • Course Length 40 Minute
26 October Tue-18 November Thu
Meets 8 times
  • 26 October Tue/19:00-19:40
  • 28 October Thu/19:00-19:40
  • 02 November Tue/19:00-19:40
  • 04 November Thu/19:00-19:40
  • 09 November Tue/19:00-19:40
  • 11 November Thu/19:00-19:40
  • 16 November Tue/19:00-19:40
  • 18 November Thu/19:00-19:40

How are games made? What decisions do the game designers make? Can I make a game on my own? If you've been asking these questions to yourself at some point in your life, then this course is for you. We will talk about games, play games and most importantly, we will create our own game! You don't need any prior knowledge, you only need a passion for games or creating games for others to play (or both). If you are wondering what kind of game you will be able to create after the lesson, take a look at the course description video.

There will be 8 sessions in total. 

In the 1st lesson, we will be talking about ourselves, our favorite games, see some examples about games made with Unity and talk about them. 

In the 2nd lesson, we will register to Unity, download and create our first project, find out about the 3D game kit. 

In the 3rd lesson, we will play through a sample game together and talk about game design decisions. 

In the 4th lesson, we will play through games that were created by me specifically for this class, talk about game design decisions and the technical reasons behind them. 

In the 5th and 6th lessons, we will start creating a level from scratch. 

In the 6th and 7th lessons, we will finish our first or second level, talk about the design decisions and perfect them. 

In the 8th lesson, we will play the games we have just created and give each other feedback.

Anyone who has a passion for playing games or creating games for others.

After this class, the student will be able to understand why game designers make the decisions they make, and what it means for the player. They will be able to create a basic game from scratch. Take a look at the course description video to see what this game might look like. Their general command of English and their knowledge of games and game engines will improve. By communicating with other players and me, their social skills will improve as well.

There will be a discord channel students can join which includes information and resource about the lesson, students can take a look there before the lesson.

Assessment will be done continuously since students need to remember what the previous lesson was about in order to move to the next one. The last day, our created final game will be the final assessment, and the students are free to save the game to their computers for later.

If the given lesson time is not enough for a student, homework might be given.

Hi! I am an English Instructor that grew up with English since childhood. My hobbies include technology, travel, and games. Come and join me if you want to journey together through some interesting stuff! (we also play games)